Q & A

Q: Why use Little Turtle Soaps products over commercial products? 

A: Our  products are made in small batches to where we know what goes into each product and we can control what we use witch is BEST for your skin! Commercial Products that are sold in stores are often made with chemical detergents that are harsh on the skin, witch makes the skin dry.  


Q: What is the difference between Goatsmilk soap & Clear Glycerin soap

A: Goats milk soap is creamy, gentle, and nourishing. Goats milk is perfect for sensitive skin. Glycerin soaps are soaps  that contain glycerin, a component of fat or oil. Its used for  facial bars. It's also translucent

Q: Do you have a store where I can purchase your goodies? 

A: Yes. If you live around Glen Aubrey area, you can visit our shop located: 
3083 state route 26 
Glen Aubrey, Ny 13777 

Shop Hours: 
Monday thru Friday: 12pm- 5pm
Saturday: Closed (book an app)
Sunday: Closed 

Q: How long is the process before shipping?  

A: Small orders are 3-5 business days and big orders are 1-2 weeks(or more depends on order.)

Q: Do you give free samplers to customers that order? 

A: Yes we do, Every time you order something, there will be little goodies in the order waiting for you to try! Spend $30 get a FREE washcloth!

Q: Do you do discounts on bulk orders?

A: Yes we do, contact us for details. 

Q: What if I don't see a fragrance I like?

A: You are more then welcome to contact us the fragrance and I'll make it happen. 

Q: Why doesn't your soaps have fragrance to pick from custom soaps?

A: We have to many fragrance to list, but on all custom products we leave a fragrance list and we also have a fragrance list on the bottom of the website.

Q: Do you do custom and personalized orders? 

A: Yes we can do both. We can customize favors for any occasions, from color, shapes and scents. Just send us a message and we'll try and make it happen. Also if your gift is going to someone we'll give you an extra business card and a 30% off code for there first purchase. 

Q:Do you send PR or free goodies to bloggers, YouTuber, Etc?

A: No we do not, but thanks for being interested in our little company. We hope you do invest in us as a crafters! Feel free to contact us when you have publish it so we can share it on our social media. You scratch our back we'll scratch yours!(:

Q: Do you do Wholesale? 

A: Yes we do, fill out our wholesale sheet and we will get back to you with all the details! 

Q: What are candle melts?

A: Candle melts are wickless fragrance that you can melt in a wax warmer. They hold higher fragrance than candles. 

Q: When to change the candle melts?

A: When the melt loses its scent.

Q: How to change the wax in the wax warmer? 

A: Our favorite way is to drop a few cotton balls into the hot wax and then dispose of them.  

Q: How do I redeem my seifen bubbles? 

A: Before Checking out hit reward button (this button) then it will say your rewards  (this is what it looks like) hit the button. Then it will tell you how many rewards and how much you will get off your order! It will give you a code to enter at check out! 


Q: What does Seifen Mean?  

A: Seifen means soap in German.  



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